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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
Well, I don't have anyone to ride with that likes the type of riding I like, which is the type you do. My GF rides her SVS less and rides pillion more. While not a big deal, my Tiger is difficult in awkward situations, two up. I've been longing for a Tiger 800 Roadie and would do a trade with someone who has one and would like a 1050. I simply need a more manageable bike that I can run down any road I choose. Manageable size is one thing I like about her SVS. But, I can't deal with the legroom. !
If it helps any, I did the following mods that helped greatly in comfort (I am a touch over 6 ft tall, 32" inseam)

When I had Corbin make my saddle, I asked for it to be made 1" taller than their "stock" SV650 configuration. This made a BIG difference. That saddle now has over 50K miles on it and just gets better and better.

Also, I had a friend machine some custom rearsets that really aren't rear-sets. They are lower and a bit further forward than stock. They also have dual sealed cartridge bearings in each pivot, so shifting is VERY slick.

He also charges a LOT less than any other aftermarket company , so it was a win/win

I also added clipons from SWATT that are 3-1/2" taller than stock, and 1" more rearward.

All this added up to more comfort on the long haul.

We still stop every hour to take a "break"
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