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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
First you have to define the sport. If it is a race, you win. My bike is more mule than thoroughbred. It will carry a lot of gear, including me through some remote areas. It gets over 200 miles to a tank on regular gas. It is pretty simple to work on. It will cruise at the speed limit with some reserve for passing. Suspension is not high tech but comfy, but I am not in a race.

I do know the difference between Hi tech and Low. I just chose to upgrade a low tech bike a little. This probabably makes 45hp at the wheel. I know if I wanted, 55hp is doable, just not as reliable. It has 11 and 12" of travel. I can flat foot it. At 75mph it is turning 5,500rpm so I expect it will outlast me. If it doesn't, I know how to rebuild it since I built in the first place.

When I joined ADV it was participate in some of the camaraderie apparent at the Rallies. Big bike, little bike, most rode them there. Not so much anymore. It is a rare KTM than does not arrive on a trailer or in the back of truck. Why is that? Nice house trailer BTW.

As you can probably tell, I am older than dirt. I am not comfortable turning a National Park into an off road race track. I happen to think you are missing something if you don't stop to smell the roses once in while. Riding like your hair is on fire and then watching the results on your computer via your video camera is not the same.
I'm right there with ya, mate.

I'm older than spit, ride like old people have sex....slow and sloppy.

And that rig isn't mine. It's a buddies. I might mooch a sleeping spot, (beats a tent when it's 40degrees at night) but this is how I show up to rides/events/rallies....
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