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R100GS/80GS panniers

Jesse Luggage started production of panniers for the R100GS/80GS back in the early 90's. The "factory"
was in Storm Lake, Iowa. A set of panniers cost $997 USD, plus shipping. The factory moved to Arizona in the
late 90's where "old school" bag production ceased, and other later style's began.
This past year, the boss went back to Iowa to visit, and was surprised when one of his former welders
there asked what he wanted to do with the metal stored in his barn. Al said, "Weld them up".
So we ended up with a bunch of sets of the "old school" panniers.

The jigs to make the old style square tube mounts, had been purged a long time ago,
so Al proceeded to design a mount system that was simpler and easier, but just as sturdy and strong.

The bags themselves, have a combined capacity of 101 liters, which is almost double what the stock bags carried.

The overall width of the bags mounted is 32 inches.

Bag opening is 17X6.5 inches.

So now we're happy to say that we now have bags in stock for the R100GS, GS/PD, and R80GS and ST.
Being as it's now 2012 almost 2013, and the costs of everything have risen, it can't be expected
to sell the pannier sets for $997 anymore. So we had to raise the price to $1000 USD plus shipping,
for the R100 bags, and $1075 USD plus shipping for the R80. (extra rear subframe support for the R80's.)
The panniers are available in silver,black or charcoal. Powdercoated inside and out for maximum protection.
They come with all mounts, nuts, bolts, locks, keys etc...
Call us if you're interested.
Hours are 8AM to 4PM Mountain Standard Time.
Closed Friday - Sunday.
Jesse Luggage Systems
623 878 7113
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