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I run a Garmin 60csx for tracks or a downloaded route which I may be riding. The other is a Garmin Nuvi that is used as a general location gps,showing me street designations and finding "points of interest"; gas, ATM, food and such.
The 60 follows the route I am riding while the Nuvi, with it's bigger screen, helps me know my location and surroundings with just a glance. The Nuvi isn't really for the "off the beaten path" but helps when finding certain locations.

I use paper maps and the 60 for my dual-sport riding away from population centers or major highways only and both the 60 and Nuvi on my GS for mild dual-sport/touring.

I really like to have both when on the road traveling as they act as confirmation of my path and destination and allow me to ride downloaded routes without having to switch back and forth from a route to other screens on the same gps.

Just my $.02.................
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