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Each year my school does a Pinewood Derby as an 8th grade project. Every 8th grader is given a kit and about a month (with deadlines) to build a car. Along the way we work in various 8th grade standards and the kids all build their own cars along the way. One fun part is that as a teacher, I get to build a new car each year to compete in the "teacher race." This is my submission from this year. The body shape is based on the 1931 Miller V-16 race car. I ended up winning the teacher class for the second year in a row by employing a number of speed tricks that I have learned over the years.

What a great tradition. We have nothing like that in the UK. Where do you start with stuff like this do all the kids get given some wheels and a hunk of wood or do you have to source it all? Do the girls build cars too as there are plenty of competitive Dads with daughters too
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