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Just home from two weeks in Baja

These things worked well:

Klim Latitude jacket: well made, water proof (yup, it rained on this trip...just not in Baja) fits me perfectly at 6'5" and 210 pounds (XL), and looks great.

Heated vest. Mine is a Tourmaster- you might prefer Gerbings or some other brand, but get yourself some heated gear, it's so nice to wear less bulk, and to adjust the heat on the fly as conditions change.

Dark tinted visor for my helmet. Formerly, I was using sunglasses with a clear visor, and they became uncomfortable after a few hours. Also, it's one more thing to fidget with or lose any time you remove the helmet. I swapped a clear visor for night riding.

Caribou luggage, which are Pelican cases under their brand. On SW Motech racks, which allow for quick removal, or can be locked in place. I'd prefer soft bags if I was setting up a lightweight dual sport for travel, but these work great on a road tour.

Had mixed feelings about a tank bag. I liked having a place for a paper map, and a ready spot to keep my gloves. The down side was that I felt compelled to pop it off and take it with me any time I was away from the bike. All those little scouting trips and bathroom stops....inconvenient. I may leave it on my next trip and just go with the locking top case. With wallet and phone and camera in my jacket pockets, I don't worry about the bike short term.
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