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Originally Posted by ABHulgan View Post
used dual-sport like a KLR or DR, just because they're cheap, cheap to fix, and very forgiving of those amateur mistakes (that a lot of veterans still make).
Yes. I'd rather have a bike that I can dump on its side occasionally without worry. It simply makes trying new things more enjoyable.

Originally Posted by TheWorstKind View Post
I've had three KLRs and they were fine machines. The only real shortcoming that I was unable to fix was the weak electrical output. Yes, I know, there is a slightly bigger stator available, but it still isn't enough juice. This lack of wattage will limit the heated clothing you can wear, probably to gloves only.
My '01 KLR powers my 90W jacket just fine along with other smaller additions. I have not made any power-saving changes to the bike, it is stock plus additional stuff.
Motorcycles are magical.

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