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Originally Posted by mjydrafter View Post
Just to add to the above our pack gives each boy a car, and then parents can buy one ($10 IIRC).

The pack we were in did something really cool and invited the girl scouts to our derby. So the GS each made their own cars as well.

Does the UK have Hobby Lobby? I've seen cars and all kinds of extras there. Cars, stickers, wheels, little dudes (drivers), fake engines, you name it.

Other than the wheels, everything else would be pretty easy to recreate on the cheap. Just need some pine wood blocks and nails.
Our local Cubs sell the components to raise funds, my daughter is a Cub she didn't fit in any of the more girly groups!

We came almost last in the event this year, mostly because I followed the rules and let her do most of the work.

Next year will be different

Hobby Lobby, what's that?

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