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Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
Your electrical system thanks you
yeah, maybe, but the flip side is found when you're way the heck out there, the 44s pointing the way.

from the Yukon border, September 2011...

I canít say Iíve gotten used to running this fast in total darkness, the only lights on the face of the earth are pointing right out the front of the bike. This road is off the grid, thereís no one out here anyway, and you canít see a single light all the way to the horizon in any direction, no moon, no stars. I rode in Labrador in similar conditions and described it as running a moto through a coal mine, total blackness.

I changed my driving lights to ADVmonster 44 LEDs before this trip, and those lights were blazing out the front, incredible reflective range. With everything lit, I could see anything in the road almost ĺ of a mile away. The reflective shoulder stakes were lighting up at one mile, damn, these things are bright, now was not the time to run smack into a bear or buffalo. No real surprise, I suddenly had another bright light in front of me, the low fuel warning light, and I backed down another notch.
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