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Originally Posted by Stinky151 View Post
I will tell ya what..... I paid $1500 for my KLR. I spent a fair bit of money building it up. I think I am now totally into it about $6K with motor, suspension, and fairing, total. I can strip it to nuts and bolts on the side of the trail if I need to. I am still into it less than a comparable KTM would cost me. I ride almost every day, when it is not snowing, I ride the dirt and gravel roads of Montana extensively, and I ride single track now with my buddies on KTM 450 trail bikes. I am not nearly as fast, but every time they wait at the top of something help me, and plow right through while they collect their jaws off the ground.

No, my bike isn't a KTM, but it was cheaper to build, is simple to work on, and has NEVER failed me, even when I have screwed up mechanically. Comparing it to a KTM is silly. With a 705 kit, headwork, and some other tweaks, it is one helluva bike. And my butt dyno confirms it has more than enough oomph to get me in trouble.

That's my exact point!

I paid 3600 for my 05 EXC and put about 1k into it....springs, guards, bags, tank, etc. It was pretty well kitted when I got it.

And my experience exactly resembles yours...perfect history, easier to put together than an erector set, and blistering power, torque with couch-like suspension. Couple that with bulletproof reliability, and you can see where I'm coming from.

People dump thousands of dollars into bikes trying to make them into somethng that they simply cannot be when those bikes are being produced already by other companies.

I just wish folks would get over their fear of change and give it a try, like I did.
Yup, as much as it pains me to admit, 3 years ago, I was JUST like you guys. Laughing at KTMs when I purchased my XRR......a bike that ADV told me was the "biggest, baddest bike made, and the best bike made for a big guy".

Yup, I was just as anti-KTM as the rest of the fearful, ignorant masses. But a year into XRR ownership I was ready to give up riding. The bike had some serious flaws and made riding un-fun.

After some searching, I wanted a bike that had E-start and Kickstart, under 300lbs, and between 4-650cc, a history of reliability and didn't need a lot of upgrades. The only bike that met my criteria was made by KTM.

So I bought it and the rest is history. As I said, if anyone in the Japanese big 4 made a big that fit my criteria, I would have considered it, but they don't.

So yes, I'm a convert, like Hookaguy and many others.

Like I always say, there's a very valid reason why so many people ride these bikes now. Take a chance. They are nowhere near as expensive, as exotic, as unreliable as the fearful crows like to caw. And parts are no more hard to get than Japanese bikes.

Give it a shot.
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