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Originally Posted by pluric View Post
What I like is how they send an occasional missionary over to try and convert us to their side.

Misery really does love company.

That is amazing, isn't it?

I particularly love it when some of both the "Austrian Goose Steppers" and "Munich Luftwaffe Pilots" start with the "But the best adventure beast for off-road riding is...", and they name one of the Teutonic brands, and start caterwauling about the Super Tenere's weight...

All while they continue to forget that the S-10's best virtue is that it always brings you *HOME* without any bizarre trail repairs, calls to "Roadside Assistance", or frantic midnight phone calls trying to find a dealer or parts. I love a bike that I can trust to get me there *AND* back, and hate ones I can never be sure of or really trust deep down. I'll take a pound or two more weight for just the piece of mind...

I don't care how light the bike is, or how much better it supposedly handles off-road, if it's broke down it's a big paperweight that ain't handling nothing for the moment!

And why does their kind of misery have to be soooooooooooooo friggin' "EXPENSIVE*???



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