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Originally Posted by Myfuture_yourdebt View Post
^Still waiting for Off the grid to find me one post of anyone ever complaining about how their KLR650 can't handle the local MX track

Maybe because he made that mistake he thinks the rest of the world is so unfortunate? What planet is he living on? One with a lot of bridges for him to live under.
When you grow up and can have a discussion without popping a blood vessel or writing a half a page trying to flame me, perhaps you can join in again.

Many of the riders on this forum are older guys that have no use for the flat-brim hat, low-pants wearing crowd.

Hence, when I made my comment, most of the people here understood my meaning. Because you are young, immature and quick to anger, you missed the deeper meaning.

Since you just joined ADV, you might want to stop posting and just lurk for a while.

Seriously think before you respond. Take a breath.
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