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Checking in from Death Valley. Chris, did you guys check the Geologists Cabin, I was there, but I may have been at the Queen of Sheba Mine when you guys rode into Butte Valley.

A view of the mine works

Ready to ride at sunrise, the days are just too short in DV after daylight savings time.

Some new stuff in Mengel Pass. The big storm in August created a lot of ruts, guess NPS equates ruts with wilderness.
The Mengel Pass hillclimb...

Well damn...
Here's the story on the poles and ribbon blockage at Mengel Pass, the NPS wants to prevent the ruts from eroding, so the approach on the far right is blocked. The main road is open.

Some natural carnage over at Warm Springs Camp.

My friend David W, a Jeep guy, knew of a couple of mines I hadn't seen yet, so we went for a hike on Friday, and also investigated a hidden cache. Access requires moving a cement block, and a lot of rocks. I put it all back in place after the ingress.

Stellas Cabin took a beating from the storm. Some of the ruts at Stellas...

So I missed Browneye, and Spafxr, but Slidewayes, and tbarstow stopped to say hi.
Thanksgiving in Death Valley, can't beat it.

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