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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
I put Helibars and the standard SV peg mounts, on her SVS.

I suffered pretty nasty knee injuries, in '88. Highway pegs are about the only resolve. With the 1050 being so tall, I just let my legs hang, when I need a break. Looking back, I can hardly believe I was able to ride my SS to Mid-Ohio every year. My Daytona 675 was a real torture rack. I was only good for a 100mi, before having to get off the thing. However, it was an awesome track bike. I think the Tiger 800, with highway pegs, will provide about the best compromise. Though, I really love the SV650 engine. I'll figure out something.
Every off season I scheme of a way of adding highway pegs to my SV without hacking the fairing lowers (was going to install modified ST1100 flip out wings in a slot cut in the plastic)

I can often be seen on straight sections with my legs dangling down...or standing for a few minutes. That's why I usually stop every hour, get off the bike and walk around a bit
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