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I looked at tacomas, but the salesmen seemed to think they were made of gold. Looked at the Frontiers - better torque and hp, disks all around, stronger frame, and 3k under invoice. Maybe 8k less than a sim. tacoma? Same ratings from sites like edmunds, owner reviews, or very similar. 70ks later and not a problem, well other than me driving an atv thru it, and it off a woods road. But its happy still. Downsides: MPG - pretty sucky, but this is similar to the diaper problem (disposable or cotton, both a nightmare, you can't win) - - no pickup gets decent mpg. Mine will get as high as 25 on the highway, and as low as 16 in town. Avg now with country living and city work is 18-20. Not happy about that, dont need 260 horses to move atvs and stuff around, but oh well. Somebody pm me when a 30mpg pickup comes on the market. I'll be first in line.
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