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Originally Posted by KneeDragGirl
Does that mean that I will be wrapped up in a straight jacket and put in a padded cell?

If that's the sure you play really good music!!
Naw, just wrapped in an Aerostich and put on a padded GS....iPOD optional!

I just re-read this and kehale, your list of odd bikes is as fun as the tip-overs! Tripple two stroke, rg250, 84CR500, MB5, RD350 (#107, funny!)....

I've done 12 of the 183 first biffs.

Oh, I remember more...

185. Wondering why, when coasting down ice covered concrete street, WHY does the rpm suddenly go to idle? cuz....the rear wheel is not turning. Entertained by me and the EX500 both doing many 360's sliding together down the road. On the way to work, so everyone makes fun of my slushy/ice covered clothes.

186. It's hot. I'll wear everything except.....GLOVES! Barely get the front brake on as a 100+lb black lab darts out of the owners door, and in front of me. Make note of the F250 Hiboy next to me as I T-bone the dog and the EX500 and I do a Nac Nac and I go over the bars, tumble and land on my feet. Scratched my hand. Tell the owner, no big deal the bikes already seen the pavement. Get home and realize that stench is dog shit that was squeeeeeeeeeeezzzed out of the big Lab all over my bike. No animals were harmed in this posting.

187. "trakmaster" non DOT knobby (and the worst tire made) + hot dogging around corner + painted crosswalk with oil on paint = wonderful low slide in front of college students.

188. Borrow neduro's XR650 without "exactly" asking. Low slide in front of him while demonstrating my power sliding abilities.

189. After nice weekend with wife at quaint bed and breakfast, get on KTM950 and foot slips on wet pavement. Yell at wife to "JUMP" as we high side in front of bed and breakfast. Ask wife to help pick up the pig while she's still laying on the ground, laughing. Sort of laughing. Not really.

190. Hit rock the size of a stove while single track trailriding, looking at scenery instead of trail. Smash big toe through MX boot into bloody pulp so it looked like a spoon.

More later...

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