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Homeward bound

I was up early, as usual, and enjoyed the buffet breakfast that Cliff View Bungalows turned on. It was a good spread, more than I expected at a such an unpretentious establishment.

I headed off to get a minor repair done on my motorcycle. I replaced an low quality aftermarket gear change pedal, with an OEM one a few days before, but the shop didn’t have the correct bolt, so hey sold me a fancy looking stainless steel one. It wasn’t man enough for the job, so I asked the mechanic at this workshop to replace it with the correct one. Sorted in less than five minutes, he said, “If you have any problems with that, just come back.”

I suggested that 170 km from Phuket might be a bit far, and asked “How much?”

“Twenty baht.”

About $US 0.70 cents….! I gave him fifty baht. It would have been at least that in Phuket, the most expensive place to live in Thailand.

Repairs done I toddled off to the beach see where the tide was at, and to consider my day. With the next day being a public holiday I had planned to stay another night. I wanted to return to Klong Song Nam when the tide was high, and explore a few other places around Krabi province. I find its beaches a bit boring, but it is an interesting place, richer in other natural attractions than Phuket.

Just after I took this photo I got a call from Pao, a Thai teenager in Phuket. I had organised him and his mate, Jay, to join the Phuket cricket team for a match against a team down from Bangkok. Jay was ill, and he was the one with the motorcycle they used to get to the ground. I spent the best part of the next hour ringing around arrange alternative transport, while Pao found another player. Sorted, I decided to head straight back to Phuket.

The boys speak Thai, and very little English. Most of Phuket’s cricketing community speak English and very little Thai. I’m bilingual, so have landed up being involved quite a bit as the game has been introduced to local youngsters.

On the way back to Cliff View Bungalows I took a couple of shots of the local version of a motorcycle taxi. They carry up to about 4 passengers.

Once on the road my only stop was for coffee at Andaman Viewpoint. Other than pineapples in the near the bottom of the hill, it is rubber planation for miles. The hills in the distance are Phuket Island.

Girl on a swing at Andaman Viewpoint.

When I got to the cricket match at the Alan Cooke Ground, rope in Paan was busy as wicket keeper for the Phuket team. A 15 year-old lad, he played an important role in a team mostly made up of adult ex-pats. Phuket won the game.

Paan and Pao padded up awaiting their turn to bat. Pao is a member of Thailand’s U19 squad.

Phuket’s Alan Cooke Ground (ACG) is probably the best cricket ground in Thailand. It saw it’s first match about a year ago, and has been fairly well used since then for the Phuket 35 over league, a monsoon season T/20 league, and hosting several visiting teams. Previously cricket was played on coconut fiber mat pitch in the middle of a dusty soccer field at a nearby school.

That evening I had dinner at Ao Chalong, about 10 km from home.

As a bit of an extra, the Vegetarian Festival ended a couple of days later, with a parade of the gods around town before sending them off at the coast. It is a noisy affair with nonstop crackers and other fireworks leaving the air thick with smoke. The photos below were all taken within a few minutes from the same spot.

That’s it folks. No apologies if you expect a heap of motorcycle porn in a trip report. To me motorcycles are a means of getting around rather than the reason to go places (though I do enjoy the ride), hence they appear incidentally rather than playing a star role in my journey.

Ciao for now.
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