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Originally Posted by beyondhelp View Post
That's excellent. My daughter and I built a rubberband powered catapault for school a while ago. Wish i had pix, it was a beast. They never specified a limit to the number of rubber bands or power of the device. With a little twisting of about 50 wide rubber bands, the limit became the 3/8" allthread pivot and the 1" dowel for the arm. We built the base out of 2x4's and set it up so she could stand on the ends to anchor it while arming it. initial tests with golf balls yielded similar results to yours. *and some odd looks from the neighbors. We reduced the power considerably before taking it to school.

Yeah, golf balls are on the list for sure. Our test range made that a little dangerous, but wide open spaces aren't far away. Think they'd give me shit at the driving range?

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