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Originally Posted by Roadracer_Al View Post
I'm tellin' ya, man... a custom SA will solve ALL your problems. You can use the PDS shock, but pass it through the SA with the lower mount poking out the underside. Stock shock, stock rim, stock sprockets, stock gas tank --- all possible if you do the SA.

Also, don't sweat getting the wheel centered on the chassis too much: Airhead BMWs for years ran a 1" offset, and my beloved Honda Hawk NT had a 1/2" offset. You'll never ever notice it.

It's not that I don't believe you I just don't see where the benefits would be to go through that much work. My issue is centering the wheel and chain alignment. Personally I would prefer to do what I did before on my last bike which is take care of at at the sprocket. Moving the swingarm created a whole host of expenses and unforeseen problems. Building a custom arm I am sure I could do, but there is no way to get that beautiful factory look and I don't want some enormous thing back there. I'm not sure my aluminum welding and fabricating is up to snuff to trust it to take the kinds of loads it would be subjected to with a single point shock load.

I had a look last night on the KTM swingarm I have on the CBR. I can still cheat the rear sprocket out another 1/8" until it hits one of those plastic caps on the SA. So I will do that. I looked at the CS sprocket and it has room to go in towards the case plenty. I have to remove it though and see how it's constructed, my guess is that it looks like every other CS sprocket and it has a polished spacer that goes through the seal. I'll remove the spacer and take it down as much as I can safely do. Let's say I can get 1/4" on that. Maybe 3/16" The remainder is not going to be noticeable and the chain has some inherent flexibility.

As far as the other work entailed, making the surge tank is fairly simple, and I needed to reweld and bend some tubing anyways on the subframe. But that stuff is all easy.

I don't want you to think I'm discounting your idea because you always offer excellent advice, I just think the amount of time I would spend to create a swingarm would far exceed the benefits. Plus if I want to make the kit for someone else to follow, that is going to be an expensive thing to have fabricated and I only want to have to send out a small box of CNC'd parts and a couple of tubing bends for the subframe.

But if I'm wrong I'll humbly eat crow and start fabricating. I'll fly Luke out here for a SA session

Originally Posted by Luke View Post
If the shock reservoir is the issue, you could always relocate it.
Yeah, I think the shock will be fine. I don't want to guess too much right now because it all depends on the rake I get. I jack the bike up enough for the shock to fall below the pump, but that was very drooped out. Welding up a small tank would be easy and I can leave the shock intact.
Originally Posted by DRjoe View Post
I did something similar when I fitted a different shock to my dr650.
I had plans to put a remote reservoir on the shock but I ended up just rewelding the reservoir in a different position so it cleared the frame.
It worked great but I did use a linkage shock for my linkage suspension instead of a pds shock
Joe, I'm hoping it doesn't get to that. One thing I have learned about these builds, which is why I am fighting the urge to get crazy with a Sawzall, sometimes it's better to leave things stock. I've created hundreds of hours of work for myself trying to make things better in certain areas then stock. I usually end up with a result not as good as stock and a lot of spent time.
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