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Originally Posted by Lav1200 View Post
Don't try it with an out-of-province bike. Purchase the CRF in AB, then take it to a "sympathetic" registry to get the plate. There are a few around that do it, I recently plated my KDX no questions asked. Whether it is street-legal or not is another question... some are concerned about that, others are not.
Originally Posted by fasteer View Post
Many of the ppl at various registries don't know or care.
Had one a while ago would happily have street registered my son's CRF-50.
When I said; no - off road only, he said; oh, it's a quad...

BUT, be ready to show mirrors, signal lights, etc to Fish n Wildlife or police.
Big thing for me and others is IF your insurance company would disavow you if anything bad ever happened.
I don't have much faith in them, personally.

Tell your buddy to crawl out of the 90's and buy a KTM.
Thanks Guys.

And yes, my 1st response to him was to buy a katoom...
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