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Yup, fully upgraded with a rammer and gun laying drive it has a pretty fast reload time. But stop at the Priest. The M12 sucks and really isn't worth the aggravation. The M40/43 is way better than the M12, but the M12 grind took the wind out of sails for American arty.

I stopped at the SU26 on the Russian line. Fun little tank. I have a 60% win ratio in that arty, easy to turn the tide of battle with it.

Currently at the VK3001p and Tiger P in German, I'll stop at the 3001, I like the way it plays. The P is fun too, but my youngest so wants a Maus, so we're going to keep running up that line.

Have a look at the German TD's too. The Stug is a money maker once you figure out how/where to stop and hide.
I liked the tiger well enough I kept just have to know how to play it.....not sure on the Tiger II....still do not have it upgraded all the way yet. I do have the pershing, but it has real problems with the tier 10 stuff...and some problems with the tier 9.

I have lived in battles in both the pershing and Tiger II got kills and done damage....and taken damage and still walked away 10k in the hole.....but I do enjoy the tanks.

On the soviet line I am grinding the T43 and it is just OK....and I am still on the JS, that is not bad. I still have a way to go on both of those.
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