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Bacanora, by law, must be made in only certain municipios in Sonora. If it is made with palm, a bunch of sugar or other types of agave, it ain't bacanora. We had a big freeze 2 years ago and the amount of harvestable agave is way down so there is a lot of rot-gut hootch out there. But If you know the rancher who has the agave and if you know the mescalero who is cooking it, you will get a superior product. It is also good to be there when it is being made just to enjoy the process. We are seeing some good agave lately and I expect there will be some quality product coming in late January. I have some 3 year triple distilled left but not much, I'll save you a taste. [/QUO

Damn Tom, you mean we left some in that bottle? Can't have been much!

After leaving Los Arcos I went through the town of Bacanora - you have to admire a town that builds such an elaborate monument to its moonshiners...

The town of Bacanora from the hillside to the east looks like a movie set. And yes, there was a smidge left in the bottle. I have to go Bacanora shopping this week.
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