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Brick - I've got the Trak Tools kit but not the axle wrench set. It's well made and I keep it in the tank bag when I don't have the big tool kit with me.

It's nice and compact and I like it - well made, good for smaller bolts and such but not high torque - the t-handle is small diameter and short so it's hard to get a lot of torque with it, but that's not what it was designed for. Gives you a wrench handle/screwdriver as opposed to just a 1/4" ratchet.

T-handle fits into bit holder and then fits into the main body for storage. There are small allen screws that can be tightened to hold the bits tightly in the bit holder, and the accompanying allen wrench is tip is built into the base of the main body. The brass ring slides back and forth to lock the bit holder in the body.

I like their idea for the axle wrench and have wondered why something similar hasn't been done for standard wrench sizes - a universal handle, with snap in wrench heads. Or even a 3/8 6" extension as a handle with wrench heads that snap into/onto the extension.
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