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Sometimes the solution is just so simple that you dont even think about it! Thanks for sharing ;) . Also I will be raising the fender a bit, just a precaution.

Still, I'd prefer the single brakelines instead of all the twists the standard one has. Probably just have to find someone with a 955i and check their banjo bolts.

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FYI, the reason that happened on that F800GS is because the front fender breaking loose pulled the brake line forward, causing it to snag on the knobby tire. You're right, the same thing could theoretically happen on the Tiger, but there's actually an easy solution, which I used when I rode the Trans-Lab in August.

You can see it here -- just pull the brake lines out from the bracket formed by the fender and run them outside of it. No tools required to do this, and if the fender does get ripped off and flung forward like on that F800GS, the brake line will stay where it is because it's not connected to the fender in any way.
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