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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
Nobody from TX has signed up yet. Right now I plan on trailering from Phoenix, but I don't have a truck/trailer lined up yet. If you sign up and have a rig, I could have you pass through PHX and pick me up. I'd split the whole trip from TX with you.

I may just rent something too.

Big singles (DR, KLR, GS, Hus Terra, etc) that can cruise the transits at 70 seem to be the best, but the most popular rides are mud capable twins. I've listed a Yamaha WR250R on my entry, but I have a big single as an option.

Will stay connected. I need to get a mid size dual sport for this (need one anyway), so looking at options. I am kinda liking the cross country, with a few mods like a larger gas tank.
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