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Originally Posted by Geology Rocks View Post
Left foot has no movement and his right is a fake. Left side of the bar has nothing, right has front brake. Right peg side has rear brake, left peg has nothing with automatic transmission. Thats why i wa wondering about a hand actuated rear brake like stunters use.

Sooter is something I will recommend. I know he wants a bike as his disability has never stopped him before.
Can you describe what type of riding he wants to do? I know a lot of people knock scooters, but (having just ridden one for the past year) I love them. If he just wants to learn about the sport, no matter what capabilities one has (physical disability to Olympic athletes) I'd always recommend starting smaller & cheaper then working your way up. Good thing about smaller bikes is that they are more forgiving to beginner mistakes, and with them being cheaper, you can usually get close to your money back for them when you want to/are ready to move up to a larger, more powerful bike.

We all want to bypass crawling and go straight to walking/running, but dropping a $2k scooter on it's side is a lot easier to stomach vs a $7-8k new bike. Just my $.02. I do applaud him for not letting his disability limit him!
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