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Originally Posted by radguzzi View Post
Doesn't Kev from WG go on to state that the battery seemed to be the issue with his Breva....?

Cleaning the battery terminals helped but the battery was old...? New battery, no issue...!

You call that electrical problems...? ? ? I do not call that prone to electrical issues...

Good thing you didn't buy that Guzzi back in '80...
Actually Kev from Wild Guzzi chose to run wiring directly from his battery to the starter. That suggests to me that he feels the wiring loom has a fault from the factory.

Originally Posted by Kev m
Breva/Norge etc - Starting Problems March 07, 2011, 01:35:19 PM
OK - biggest change is that during the course of this thread I decided that Voltage Drop over the circuit feeding the starter relay was the most likely culprit for a no-start especially with a questionable battery.

So I decided to install a new power feed for the starter relay.

Some in this thread had suggested tapping into existing wiring, but I thought it most simple to just run a brand new, inline-fused wire directly from the positive battery terminal to the voltage input wire (YELLOW) to the starter relay.

May be you haven't seen all the discussions about the electrical problems causing not starting. Here is a thread from August 2012.
Sparatic no start

I'd love to see even anecdotal evidence that the problem is only with the early year Brevia/Norges.
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