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I'll tell you why NOT...

I walked into my local Ducati dealer near London 12 years back
5000 in cash in my pocket
Walked up to a beautiful red M900
Looked around it for about 3 minutes
Looked around the showroom for a salesman, he was looking right at me, but
he was sitting at his desk having a coffee with a few pals, chatting...
I walked up to the desk to get his attention...
...he looked right at me and returned to his friends to chat!
I stood there for a bit, this is awkward, his pals were looking at me now too so
Maybe he didn't see me standing at the big red M900
I returned to stand right next to it, for about 3 minutes and then I thought you know what...
FUCK HIM...and walked out
Within seconds the salesman came out running and shouted 'do you need any help mate?'
To which I replied 'FUCK YOU' and got out my 5k and waved it to him across the car park
You had your chance, got into my van (which I took to pick up the bike) and drove off to another dealer
Surprise surprise Ducati London closed down within weeks of this

...not that I'm bitter and harbour a grudge or anything! So, where were we? Oh yeah, Monsters...
KLX 250Fi
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...and too many bicycles!
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