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Originally Posted by pluric View Post

I just couldn't stand the boredom of the Yamaha any longer.

Sorry guys. It's been a good run.

Nope... I ain't buying it. Does *look* like a new sled, but the Pluric I know would only get the very latest and greatest from any manufacturer, and that's not Big Orange's most up-to-date parts-dropper...

And here it is December and not even April yet!

But just in case it is true, how come you don't have the most important KTM farkle?

It's the screen set-up that bolts underneath a KTM to catch the parts that shake loose, fall off, etc., and the one pictured even has the trick oil separator... Does cut down on ground clearance, though.

After that it's a mailbox like The Westmeister...



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