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Originally Posted by Fire Escape View Post
WTF happened to UTube yesterday? Or was it something I did?
Someone posted a link to Hickok45 a while back, I have been working my way through the 700+ videos over the last couple of months. As of yesterday morning I could go to his 'channel' work my way back through the list (to where I left off) then watch an episode or three. There would be a 'filmstrip' of episodes, either above or below the actual video (it moved after you selected your second vid), and I could just go along and check them out sequentially. As of last evening I can't find that anymore. Now the vid ends and I get the screen with a dozen or so choices of other vids (many having NO apparent connection to what I was watching) but I have no way to know what the next one posted would be without going back to his channel and paging my way back to where I was, selecting the next and starting over.
Yes, I should get a life. I HAD been enjoying the various firearms that they put through their paces on the home range, not sure that I will spend 5 minutes to locate each one so that I can see them all now.

Go to his channel and at the top left below his screenname click "browse videos" on the next page below that same tab click "playlists".

I don't think there's one of all of his videos, but they're on there. Just pick a subject and skim through.
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