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Lookng at the recently released photos of this new powerplant, I am pleased that it gets the multiplate wet clutch, and access to the clutch internals seems to easier than any previous boxer twin. Looks to be a simple matter of draining the oil, popping off a cover, with only needing a new gasket and oil to put back together.

My Airhead GSPD can have the clutch accessed by removing the transmission & Paralever assembly with the motor in place. It is my understanding that Oilheads require complete removal of the engine/transmission assembly to access the clutch. Clutch work should be rare on this new unit, and easy to perform, without major disassembly of the motorcycle.

My question is, could the transmission be as easy to service? Looks to me that one could remove the Paralever assembly and pull the rear cover while the motor/transmission case are still in the frame (think "trap door" transmissions, like the old Harley Sportsters). Not that this type of access should be necessary very often, if ever, in the life of the motorcycle, unless they leave a circlip or something out of this new transmission.....!

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