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I don't remember the names, geez its been like 30 years, but the glue I used was like a rubber cement and stayed sticky/rubbery, while the other was red and dried to a fairly hard crust. the red stuff was better for hot inland conditions, but in cool coastal California I usually used the rubbery kind as you could slap a spare on the rim without regluing on the side of the road, as long as you took it easy on the turns. There was a different glue we used to glue the rim tape to the carcass.

I quit running tubulars when A) I was spending more time on my first generation mountain bike, and B) the clement factory had a big fire or something, and their classic setas became unobtanium. I'm reading now that Pirelli had bought them, and moved their production to Thailand, whihc no doubt contributed to their oblivion, but someone recently acquired the rights to the name, and is makign Clement tires again... in Thailand :-/
Clement tires made in Thailand... Wtf. I used Clement and Tubasti-- anyone remember that stuff? Everyone called it tubastige but it did a good job. I just thought Clement left a better base for changing a tire on the road and a better base for future installs.
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