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Originally Posted by MeefZah View Post
There's way more gravel around there than shown.

Garmin (at least on my GPS) regularly shows dotted lines when the road si actually paved, and more often shows a solid line when the road is actually gravel, goat track, or non existent.
Yeah, found the same on Garmin's mapping. When in doubt, I'd check the county (most have some mapping online) and then look on Google Earth and view way down to check the road. The way to tell gravel from concrete from the aerial view (and it can be difficult) is to look for anything crossing the road, especially what are surely gravel or dirt access ways. They'll match the road surface and color...whereas paved they'll be different. Also abandon roads will often look rutted, but not consistently (which might happen with tire wear on pavement). The ruts will come and go on dirt or gravel.

I've been wrong here and there, but mostly you can figure out gravel and abandoned roads from the aerial view. If it's entirely covered by trees, that's usually a good sign it's abandoned too...or at the very least a pretty road.
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