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Thumb Super easy, simple, free, reversible fix for fork boots bunching up with fork brace

I just installed my RSW fork brace, and after contemplating how to keep the fork boots from bunching up and twisting/deforming, I came up with a super simple, easy, and reversible way to keep the boots looking and working like stock, with NO cutting or destruction of the boots in any way. And they can be put back to stock length if needed

I have my bike up on my stand for work, so its level and very easy to turn the front wheel to get to stuff. What I did is measured the distance between the fork boot pleats before I put the brace on.....then once the brace was installed, I slipped the boots down where they needed to be....and pulled down fork boot pleats until I had the same distance between the pleats as I did stock before the brace. It took 6 pleats compressed down to the bottom to get the stock fork boot length between pleats.

I then took a vey small nail, and made 6 holes in the top of the 6th compressed pleat that lined up with the 6 drain holes in the bottom of the boots, and ran small zip ties down through the top holes and through the drain holes, and cinched them up. That compressed the bottom 6 pleats tightly together, and gave me back the stock boot length look, and looks VERY good with the brace installed.

You need to unclamp and slide up the bottom of the fork boots of course to reach in and thread the zip ties through the drain holes......but the holes needed to be made are so small that they are completely invisible....and since I used a nail instead of slicing, the holes will never tear. So the boots could be put back to stock length with no damage whatsoever.
You need to use the zip tie size that comes for tying excess computer wiring etc...the smallest you can find. I bought an assortment in a plastic jug from Wal-Mart, and these were the smallest in the collection.

The finished job looks very clean and professional, and will keep your fork boots from binding/twisting and prematurely wearing out/tearing up. Plus it just plain looks good

My wife took some pics, I'll try and post them up....but I suck at picture posting, so I can't promise anything

I hope this helps somebody was easy to do, and fixes a big problem that most of us fork brace users end up having to put up with
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