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Two Years and Missing It

I feel your pain.

I haven't posted on ADV for a couple of years - not since I sold my last bike. My daughter turns three tomorrow, and I sold my last bike (I say last because five years ago I had four of them in the garage) two years ago in February. I had all the same reasons you and others have listed - my wife refuses to get on anymore, no time to ride, and oh yeah...I might not come home from a ride.

I'm a MSF Course-trained rider, I used to practice on a regular basis, and I'm ATGATT even in the dead of summer. I've always had a motorcycle endorsement on my license; I turn 52 next week ( the math, I had a daughter a week before I turned 49). It took my wife and I 18 years, so needless to say parenthood is a big deal to us - a gift we'd given up on. So the bike is gone, has been for a couple of years, and I miss riding every day. FWIW, this was my decision. My wife was not supportive of selling to start since she knows how much I love to ride, but she understood the thought process.

So my daughter's no longer a baby, and I have some time here and there to swing a leg over, but now I'm bikeless. My wife is mostly okay with me getting a new one...but we'll see how that goes if I fall off the wagon. I struggle with the big picture - what if I don't come home from a ride? Financially they'd be fine; frankly I'm worth more dead. But I'd hate to have someone else raise my kid, and I wonder if my passion is worth the risk. On the other hand, I don't want to lose who I am in the act of being a father. I'll most likely get another bike - maybe in the spring. Or in a year.

I thought I'd move on...crap.

I feel your pain.
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