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Originally Posted by toolfan View Post
Do you want to "store" one of them in PDX before you come to the PNW?

I promise to make sure the battery doesn't go flat...
Thanks for the offer, toolie -- but the diesel is currently on a transporter, the 2004 mothballed, and the LR3 towing my KTM to WA.

I didn't shrink the fleet at all. I grew it by one. Sigh.

I've done 500 miles in the LR3 in the last 48 hours, including 150 miles of USBP roads on the border, FS roads up near Oracle, and the back way up Mt Lemmon (FS-38? 28?). Nothing that really needs 33"s or low-range, but plenty of sand, rock and low traction scenarios.

This LR3 is a seriously, seriously kickass truck. The AJ-V8 is really blowing my mind. I'll probably start a thread here shortly because I don't think this vehicle is getting its due, especially now that good, low mile 2005s-2007s are below $20k.

The best part?

Here's me, Sierra Vista to Tucson AZ @ 70 mph/1900 rpm (~70 miles). This reading more-or-less matches the OEM NAV (23.0 mpg), my Garmin (23.2), and ol' gas pump calculator math (22.7 mpg), and should be considered the extreme high end for this truck. But still:

I used a few "hypermiler" tricks (coasting, slow accel, a few no brake turns etc) to achieve that number, but nothing profound or inconvenient to the driver. I was pretty impressed considering the AJ sits at 300 hp and the LR3 is fully 3 tons. With just regular ol' driving, 19 mpg at 70 mpg and 17-18.5 at 80 mph is very easy.

Oh, I also hit 115 mph indicated earlier this morning.

Everything behind the front seats folds flat. Not fake-ass flat, but straight up minivan stow-away flat. Pickup bed flat. I'm 6'2" and with the driver and passenger seats pulled up I can lie down perfectly well. And have room for another person and whatever else fits around the two bodies. I can kneel relatively comfortably (it's still the back of an SUV). It's cavernous compared to the D2.

I've been blowing off the LR3 for years but I'm really excited about this truck.
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