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Hi all. Seems to be a recurring theme with early 950s! I started a thread about this some time ago re exactly the same symptoms. Since then I've done at least 10000kms and it hasn't broken! I've also done a few things which have made a difference.
Checked and adjusted the TPS. This didn't affect the vibe problem, but made the pickup from low (3500) revs much better - you can feel the ignition change and use it to avoid the clattering feel, which on my bike is transmission shunt. Slightly feathering the clutch helps too.
I've changed the clutch outer basket to the later design. I also changed the center roller bearing at the same time. This made quite a difference, to the point where I can live with it and is almost back to where it was before. I've done 2 long trips (2000+kms) this year and no tingling fingers!
What I did find when I took the outer case off were some noticeable wear marks on the outer crank support bearing. Haven't done anything about it yet, but is this the cause of vibration or the symptom of something else?
I'll post some photos when I work out how!
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