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Originally Posted by Nitro1970 View Post
Ran the 705's on my klr650... Good tire for the price but I didn't get but 3500 miles out of the rear... Ran around 36psi... I just never have gotten the great mileage other claim for some reason...
When I bought my XR650 it had a set of brand new 705s on it. Not exactly the tire I wanted on the XR but I'm a cheap bastid and left em on. Didn't have to live with a tire I didn't want for long,,,,,, it was toast in under 2.5K miles. Honestly it was toast in under 2K miles but I rode it locally till the cords. Like I said in my last post, I tend to be pretty rough on tires and I have to admit I was pretty rough on that one as ran around alot on too low of a pressue due to airing down and being lazy about airing back up. On the XR I was running around 20psi most of the time and I don't think I ever ran it over say 25psi or so. The XR was just too light {relatively ya you} and that's where I got the best traction. Since the XR wasn't ever put into touring use, I never tried higher pressures for more life. I needed traction and a 705 just ain't too good a choice for the XR unless I was playing tag with sportbike squidlets. Gotta admit that on tarmac,,,,, those 705s made the XR think it was a motard.

I think the big numbers you see are from the larger 705s {150s} when on DLs and the like. I suppose if one pumped a 130/140 sized rear up to high pressures for a KLR,,,,,,,,,, maybe 35psi or so, it might well last awhile. Traction would start to sorta suck though.

My wife's Ascot {400lb unladen, 500cc twin} got as high as 7K miles out of it's 120/18 when on a trip to Labrador. I ran it pumped up to around 40psi if I remember right and I was a bit cautious running it that high as I think the max listed was around 36psi or so. The Ascot was loaded heavily with gear at the time and was probably had another 50-75lbs min. stuffed into panniers, top boxes and strapped onto the rear of the seat. I would say that your KLR would weigh in a bit less so maybe try a bit higher pressures when you can and you might see a smidge more mileage but honestly that 3.5K will prolly be the average for the smaller sized 705s.
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