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My riding budget mid-season this year dictated I go with "price-conscience" tires for the 2009 KLR. I indeed wanted to try some 705's myself. Ordered em up and was very pleased when they arrived, nice looking tire, great disign and all.

Had em mounted and balanced, and put 3,300 miles on them before parking the bike recently cause of the weather.

I am very pleased at thier performance and the level of confidence they give the bike for all around riding. Not slippy on tar snakes, great under a heavy load, and my bike sometimes sees 70+ for short stretches of I-94 here. They also seem confident in the rain.

I put 9,000 miles on the KLR this season, and like I said 3,300 of them were on the 705's. Great tire.

I am guessing I will see about 4,000 - 4,300 miles on em before I opt to pull them and will replace with another set.

I weigh about 260 and carry heavy loads on trips. Good or bad, I run my KLR tires at 30 rear and about 25 front. Just what works for me and the bike is confident at those pressures. Tires wearing great, no cupping, no separation, etc.

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