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Originally Posted by charapa View Post

Pizolito is great, but the rest of SA considers the Argentinians a bit "especial". Argentinians will circle the wagons around their guy... but the rest of SA ... not so much. For SA sales they NEED another S.American (non-Argentinian) hero!
Absolutely. Zanol would be representing Brazil. Replace a Brazilian with an Argentinian?!? No way!!! There's as much rivalry as possible, Brazil being the bigger market (by a factor of 5 - in terms of population alone).

I have scanned the web and twitter in Portuguese also but can't find no more news on Zanol, quite worrying indeed :(

Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post
Maybe Honda can talk Jimmy Lewis out of his Dakar retirement to use his masterful nav skills that he taught Cyril Despres, when Cyril was his waterboy.
Despres published a nice video with just his highlihted roadbook of one of the Morocco rally stages - besides riding, the guy can paint lots of notes, scriblling and so on - quite interesting for the fanatics like ourselves (sorry for the off topic):
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