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Originally Posted by Fidl2n View Post
I've really enjoyed this monstrous thread, I gotta say. Especially all the modding and add-ons of Beemerphile. Really looking at this bike hard lately with a couple reservations: My current bike, a CB600 which I have loved and modified in minor ways over the last four years, has been turned into a little not-so-naked mini tourer. Other than being a bit beat up on the open slab due to basically no protection (except for an aftermarket Givi screen), I've been happy with it.

Then I realized I was lusting for something with a bit more range, maybe a little more power or protection, but at bargain basement, since I've only ever bought the three bikes owned used (Reflex, Buell Blast and the CB600). Toyed with the idea of getting a two cylinder Beemer 650 gs, but they seem dear and hard to find (and potentially a mechanical nightmare) and not meant to be a touring rig really even with a lot of modding, which I would do. There's a very good Honda shop up the road for when I need any heavy duty work (or I blow it). The only real competition for me at the moment is the Wee. But totally different machine (my indecision). But lots out there used for the patient, which I could be.

My only worry with the NC, is that I'll miss the HP on the SoCal freeway in and outa town, which, though I'm unmercifully buffeted on my hornet, has the oompah to get on past the crazies. But sorta unpleasant as it gets over about 70mph for any duration. Only considering the X, btw. I'm looking to retain the fun of the hornet in the twisties and sweepers, but have more comfort on the open road for some weekend/light touring. Looking to see if more touring is for me with more of a bike meant for it. And, a smaller bike appeals, as I'm a smaller person (hornet is just right, size wise). 5'5", 140lb, 32" inseam. I like to not be on my toes.

I have not had a chance to try either the DL or the NC, yet. Tried the Versys this summer and was disappointed at the engine feel. Way too shakey/vibratey, though it seemed to ride the rail on turns. Also tried the FZ6, which I sorta liked, but didn't improve range and wasn't quite upright enough for my ergos, though I did enjoy the engine by comparison.

Rowdymoose! You are exactly the person to give me your additional thoughts, as I see you have owned a Wee and live in SoCal. Any allaying of my HP fears as far as real world performance? I just like the "idea" and look of the adventure rigs (thus the Wee), but don't seriously think there's any more than a fire road or two in my future. The HP on my hornet is far higher and I worry a bit about being able to get around the wackos on the fwy.

Thanks for your perspective.

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As a V-strom owner of both the 1000 and 650, it was time to move on after 10 years of Strom ownership. In my 60's and with only a couple of decades of riding left......, I want to experience something new upon opening the garage door and what I throw a leg over. I lived/camped on a Vstrom for a month riding in Canada and Alaska several years ago, and had no complaints with comfort and ridability.
V-stroms are not that good of a fire-road bike with stock suspension, even elevated 'water bars' in the road at a good clip seriously scrape the exhaust, or in my case the belly pan. I put a few more extras on my DR650, and will explore the Deserts of Az. as I start the 'Snowbird' exploring of retired life.

So, only 3 road bikes are tempting me at this time, A Harley XR1200X, a Triumph Scrambler, and go figure.....this new Honda NC700X. I am intruiged by the low and mid range torque, and heard rumors of the NC doing 60mph. at only 3,000 rpm. Is this true? I also am stroking the beard on how the NC mix of this torque and low center of gravity could be a handling smile maker.

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