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Originally Posted by Jud View Post
Where did you hear that folks that run high pressures wear the 705s out fast? I ask because I have probably run more 705s than most on here on several different bikes including my DL650 and I have found just the opposite, high pressures give more life, least on the rear. I have run everything from low teens when riding in the sand ranging from S. Ga and Fla to alot of sandy stuff on the Trans Lab and other dirt roads up in Labrador and Quebec. Have also run up around 50psi when loaded up and running high speeds when touring. When I first started running the 705s I stayed at the manufacturer's recommended max or less and never got more than around 6-7K miles for the most part. Most around 4.5-6K to tell the truth. I started running higher and higher pressures and have seen better tire life up to around 8-9K miles and man, take that with a grain of salt as I tend to get less tire mileage than most.

As a rule of thumb, around 32psi would be my "sporting" pressure for the rear when playing of tarmac with the bike unladen. Somewhere around 18-25psi for most dirt road playing depending on how rough that road is {I run a bit higher pressures when in rocky stuff out of fear of bent rims {I have a couple of those already and learned my lesson}. The only time I run less than 18psi is in real sand. For commuting and touring,,,,,,, I'm running at least 38psi when unloaded and like I said, I've run up near 50psi when loaded heavily and pounding out the miles. Seriously, low to mid 40s is normal for me and others even when unladen and we can see some decent mileage numbers. I can say that if I run 32psi all the time, I would rarely see 5K, probably less, alot less.

I have a friend on here {BlueLightning} that rides a DL and has pretty much come to the same conclusions. Although, I think I still run my pressures a smidge higher than he but he's still "up there" especially as compared to 32psi, way up there.

Please understand I'm not saying that 32 sucks. It's a great all-round pressure that'll give decent dirt traction, great tarmac traction and decent mileage on a unladen DL. I'm just not sure where you get the notion that higher pressures equal less wear,,,,, they honestly don't, exactly the opposite. Least in my experience and man, like I said I have alot of experience with these 705s.
I don't run my DL on anything tougher than solid dirt roads and seldom run really heavily laden or 2 up. When I do that I put up my pressure to around 38 PSI. The front does not seem to wear much different regardless of air pressure but the back one (1st one) that I put on wore out within 5K right up the center about 2 in. across. I chalked this up to overinflation as the sides were still like new. Next set dropped down to 32 and that is where I leave it. I ride 4 months of the yr on the very abrasive roads of NM which is a tire killer. This tire thread demonstrates the ability of this tire to allow a lot of flexibility in pressures. We never really know what "worn out" is to another rider either. To me, if they even wear in an uneven pattern I change them out....especially at this tires price.
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