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Originally Posted by Prmurat View Post
Can you details the 362cc kit? the final ratio?
Sure! The cylinders were bored out to 67.5mm. The pistons are from Todd Henning Racing, and provide a compression ratio of 11.5:1. You don't have to modify the head or valves to use these pistons, and you can run on normal premium high-octane gas, but you do need to use a solid copper head gasket.

I've played around a bit with front and rear sprockets to get a final drive ratio I like. Because of the light weight and small displacement of the bike, and the lack of signals, it really isn't a good choice for a highway cruiser, so my goal was to gear it for maximum effectiveness on the twisty, hilly back roads around here. It currently has 15T and 38T front and rear sprockets, which keeps the RPMs near the cam's happy place, and allow it to really jump to life with a flick of the throttle.
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