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Thumb Tuk Tuk!

Rode (drove) this Tuk Tuk across Phnom Phen one night. It belongs to a good friend of mine Butsa. He made the mistake of waving the keys under my nose as we were heading home from a night at another friends house. A great evening and one of the most excellent ways to cruise that I know of.
Where these are used the country is extremely flat and the traffic travels slowly 30mph tops and usually less.
Note the water container. It is used to drip water on the engine to keep it cool as the little aircooled motor gets to work hard sometimes. No brakes on the trailer and not much power available (125cc) make for sedate journeys in a very different part of the world. Tropical heat means you never feel the cold but rather appreciate the gentle breeze as you progress through the heavy traffic. Or as is my favorite, cruise along late in the evening when the roads are calmer and the city lights are bright with my lovely wife under my arm.
Had to take my big footwear of to get the big feet under the controls and the hand signal is one the locals use to ask if you want the services of their tuk tuk or moto (solo bike)
On any sort of hill the engine is under powered and the brakes would soon be over powered but perfect in the right environment.
Cheers, Bruce
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