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Keep in mind conditions have a huge effect on these tires. When I use a 705 locally, play alot and use lowish pressures {under 40}, I'm luck to get 4.5K outta rear. I've actually worn a 705 down to cords showing in less than 4K miles when I ran low pressures and played alot {considering the DL's lack of power, I would hate to see what woulda happened had it been on the back of a liter+ bike like a Vee, a 950/990 Adv or a BMW GS1100+. How hard you ride and the conditions you ride have a far greater effect on mileage than 5 or even 10psi. Summer is harder on tires than cool weather riding for a number of reasons.

To me, "worn out" is down to the cords or as close as possible if I'm riding locally. If on a long trip,,,, I get ansy at the wear indicators but I do my best to either have a new one mounted which will last the entire trip or I carry a spare and will swap em out when I feel like it.
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