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I'm looking to be a finisher, not a podium winner. I've done some 700 mile days but not many. My riding buddy and I will be doing the saddle sore for my benefit.

I've done many of the popular mods to the bike, having been a mechanic for many years I am completely comfortable fixing and modifying this bike. It is just high ech enough with out needing factory specific tools. Although I would bring a net book with tuneECU and an OBD2 cable, just incase I gat a check engine light (MIL) on.

Although I usually do my oil changes at about 4000 miles with Mobil 1 4T 10W40 I think the oil would hold up for the distance of the rally.

I've got a Ricks stator and a MOSFET regulator installed, since this is the one major issue with the bike, I would be bringing a spare of both configured for quick installation. Another stator mounted in another cover, and a regulator. I think of the two the stator would die first, the Mosfet regulators are stout.

Ive got heated gear, plans for wurton led lights, I would mount Michelin pilot road 3 trail tires since they wear very well. I would take an extra chain and two master links and the tools to install them.

I need extra fuel. The tigers fuel system is a non return system so connecting into the fuel rail return line to fill the tank won't work. I could install a bulk head aeroquip fitting into the steel mounting plate were the fuel pump and filter goes. Then mount a JEGS 5 gallon tank on the tail with a simple valve and gravity feed into the main tank when it gets low.

I get about 40-45 mpg loaded which would give me a range of 450-500 miles. The chain lube I use says it will go 500 miles between applications.

I've got a Wilbers 461 shock with external resivior and hydro preload in the mail and Rick at Cogent Dynamics is going to build me some cartridge forks. He's using some Honda XR650L forks and some tiger fork lowers.

I would love to install an electronic cruise control, and it might happen.

I'll be doing the saddle sore, and the three other rallys that I know of here in Texas.

I'm not at all discouraged by what I have read on this post, I like the discussion and I will post updates as they occur.
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