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Originally Posted by buildit View Post
More than likely he could film it in 3D, it would get 10 trillion views making himself $10 million, he'd buy every bike you guys lust over and then ride the piss out of them and do video reviews to the point you all wouldn't even want to ride them anymore. Then you'd be stuck riding old KLRs because it's the only bike he doesn't do any filming on. So be careful what you wish for.
The fatal flaw in the scenario is that we would have to watch the videos to begin with, which I do not, so therefore I would have no fawking clue what bike it was on, nor would I really care.

Speaking of lusting after bikes....I get to buy another one....I got Krista this for Christmas:

So now I have a free pass to buy another bike....Debating between something Stromish or another small 250ish something or other like a WRR or some such thing...
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