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Pulled the trigger, so to speak.

Well, I did it, I ordered the Hi-Power in Walnut with adjustable sights.

They are not in stock very many places, new. Would have considered used if I could have found one to put hands on first, but I won't buy used sight-unseen.

Well, it should be here just in time to put under the tree! I can't wait!

Not the cheapest 9 on the market. I looked yesterday at a buddy's S+W MP. I actually shot it a few weeks ago. It's nice enough, and light, but I really don't like not having a 'real' safety on it, although in truth, I have no plans to carry the thing around L+L.

Also joined the local shooting sports club so I can have access to all their ranges - it's a nice club from the looks of it and they have a variety of events including cowboy shooting.

This is the first new gun I've gotten in a long time indeed - heck I think the last new one I bought was the .22 bolt action and I know that was 20 years ago at least. The rest I inherited from my grandad and father.
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