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Simpla-Fi ?

Well Jack, Iíll do my best to solve all your problems.
You are sounding like a good candidate for an Airhead, and an Old manual Ford Escort, that I could make you a real deal on... (The Escort I donít sell or rent Airheads, but I know where you can get one). There are some advantages to getting rid of all that fancy falderal. Of course there are no Airheads near as fast as Alcan Annie, let alone anything else in your stable except maybe the KLR.
The problem with the Dark and Cold you are really SOL, till at least March, canít do a darn thing for you there. Oh the price we pay for living in a paradise, where some freedom still exists, and we can stay out of prison. I have heard of a great Sunshine Substitute. Annie Huddyís Dream Sickle Fudge. One FIX a day for the darkest 3 or 4 Months, and your on the road again. Iím sure Annie will give you the recipe, or maybe you could steal it on the next run to Hider.
You should be able to parlay the negatives, and all the original photos you have of the Hay Duchess into an annual supply of the fudge. Just saying it could be a Win Win for both of ya.

Bob Da C
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