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Originally Posted by Geology Rocks View Post
Can we get a mod to delete all the posts without a photo? Having a conversation is fine, but at least post a picture! We come here for pictures of the S10 and not pages of conversation.

*Steps down from his soapbox and goes into hiding*
Originally Posted by Dallara View Post

But let me ask you one question... How many pictures have you posted of your S-10?

Of course, I find it's pretty easy to scroll past just about anything on these boards, whether it be with desktop, laptop, or even my cell phone....


Not that it should really matter that much. Here's the post count for this thread.

I've always been on record as saying "I've never met a thread I couldn't derail".
I enjoy seeing people and their bikes but more hearing from their comments and
getting to know them. I may never meet any of you in real life, but I feel I know
some of you very well.

This thread would be 10 pages back if it relied on photos only. Especially if it depended
on those who seem the most concerned about it.

That's why the internet has porn. So you can look at pictures all day and not get to know anyone.
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